Thursday, August 18, 2011

Personal Data Erase Pro

These days, we end up storing a lot of data on smartphones. If you wish to erase this data in a jiffy, this application is for you.

By default, this application, deletes all files in the following directories, namely "private", "personal", "self", "mydata", "my-data", "my_data" and "documents".

After one execution, it is possible to specify any directory, by editing the file "PersonalDataErase.txt", placed in the directory "Android/data/bsp" on the SD card. Simply give one directory on each line and application will delete the directory and its contents.

This application is a "Pro" version of a similar application, namely "Personal Data Erase". The difference between the two applications is that this application overwrites the files with random data, before erasing the files and the directories.

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