Saturday, December 17, 2011

Throw Ball Pro

A simple game, where you need to hit the target (indicated by a star), by hitting it with a ball.

Though the game comes with 30+ built-in levels, you can create new levels on your own.

The level information needed by the application is stored in a file named 'levelData.txt' on the SD card. This file is stored in the 'Android/data/bsp/ThrowBallPro' directory. When installed, the game copies the levels it is bundled with into this directory.

In the level data file, any line beginning with a '#' is considered to be a comment and is ignored. Each uncommented line describes one block on the play area. The positions, width and height of each block is specified as a percentage and not a absolute values.

For each block, the following information has to be provided
  • level number
  • type of block - 'B' for ball, 'G' for ground, 'T' for target and 'W' for wall
  • start X - in percentage
  • start Y - in percentage
  • width - in percentage
  • height - in percentage
  • density of block
  • elasticity of block
  • friction of block
  • remove on impact flag - y or n - 'y' indicates that the ball is removed if it hits this block
  • colour - name of colour. Colour names supported are 'aquamarine', 'black', 'blue', 'brown', 'burlywood', 'cyan', 'crimson', 'darkred', 'darkviolet', 'darkslateblue', 'darkslategray', 'darkslategrey', 'firebrick', 'forrestgreen', 'green', 'gold', 'ghostwhite', 'indigo', 'khaki', 'lime', 'maroon', 'magenta', 'midnightblue', 'mintcream', 'navy', 'orange', 'pink', 'purple', 'red', 'royalblue', 'saddlebrown', 'skyblue', 'sandybrown','tomato', 'violet', 'wheat', 'white', 'yellow'

The game is available from the market at

Have Fun

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